Origin Story Download


Origin Story is a two part, 24 track album, that is a full musical biography of the first six years of Meri’s music-making life. It’s Meri’s biggest body of work to date!

The first half (the Mega EP) features 12 tracks including 5 completely new songs and 7 remastered songs that were previously released as singles exclusively on Meri’s website.

The second half (the Origin Mix) features 12 tracks including the first song Meri ever released as well as selected songs from the original collections Retro Sherbet, Pop Goes The TARDIS, Super EP and Wandering Mini-P.

The Origin Story Download comes with a download of MP3s of all 24 tracks and the album art.

The track listing is:

1. Pizza And Ice Cream
2. Beat The Game
3. Supernova
4. Cookie Monster
5. Occupied
6. I XOX U (Emoji Song)
7. Macro
8. Comment Me
9. Not Gonna Be Me
10. Zombie Man
11. Block By Block
12. The Best Bit
13. Tamagotchi
14. Block Breaker
15. Xena
16. She’s Blue (‘I’m Blue’ Parody)
17. Exterminate
18. Baby, Get Me A TARDIS
19. My Superman (Radio Edit)
20. Friday Viral (Radio Edit)
21. Nothing’s In Your Way (Radio Edit)
22. Dam Good Friend
23. Share My Time
24. Apple Tree