Grimm Tales Download


Grimm Tales is a five-track EP of Grimm Brothers fairy tales in song, flowing from one to the next, with all the darkness and gore left in. Beyond its dark indie-pop flavoured filk tracks, it features everything from a cappella chorals, to cinematic instrumental sections, spoken word poetry and soundscapes.

The specific fairy tales covered are Little Red Cap (known today as Little Red Riding Hood) in ‘Saved by Murder’, Cinderella in ‘Bloody Heels’, Little Snow White (known today just as Snow-White) in ‘Dance ‘Til You’re Dead’, Hansel And Gretel in ‘Roasted Witch’ and Little Brier-Rose (known today as Sleeping Beauty) in ‘Dinner or Death’.

The Grimm Tales Download comes with a download of MP3s of all 5 tracks and the album art.

The track listing is:

1. Saved By Murder
2. Bloody Heels
3. Dance 'Til You're Dead
4. Roasted Witch
5. Dinner Or Death