Watching You Breathe

There's these strange moments in life where things turn abstract. Where the world of deadlines, hopes, regrets and all such noisy things evaporate. Where the spotlight shines on high-beam dunking the things around you under a magnifying glass and they ooze through your mind like hot tea. Where the tiniest things like the soft purple of a flower petal or the swirling steam from a cooked footpath becomes the centre of your attention and you can literally feel their wonder.

I had one of these experiences, except turbo charged, as the sole focus of my attention was on the dimly-lit outline of the person I love lying beside me. The world stopped and all that mattered was the air flowing in and out as he breathed, the magic of how it all worked and how immaculately beautiful he looked in the light. Watching You Breathe was my attempt to document this moment in song. Its a moment that you may have had or might have in the future and my hope is that you can relive that moment again and again through the song.


I’m stuck on your smile
That little one that you leave when you fall asleep
And I could lie on your heart
In the plains of the warmth of the sweet ticking beats

Just watching you breathe oh
Watching you breathe oh
Watching you breathe

Cause I’m along for the ride
Tiny waves as you drink up the air from the room
And I could close my eyes
And still see you there dunked in the light of the moon

Just watching you breathe oh
Watching you breathe oh
Just watching you breathe