When you hear the word "Overtime" it doesn't bring up particularly nice connotations. You think of things like work, the smell of air-con, the sound of the photocopier jamming at the worst possible time or of your boss's squeaky shoes abusing the floor as they plod towards you. So its a very odd premise for a love song. But, that's the reason I chose it. Comparing something so horrendously awful as working beyond your set working hours with something so fragrantly fabulous as love just makes the positive ring stronger.

Beyond which, there's a secret undercurrent. Behind every Hollywood-worthy love story there are struggles, disagreements and times where the relationship literally does require "work". It's the same with anything truly valuable in life, but for some reason you just don't expect it in love. You think that the marvellous, decorative cake that love is will be filled with something equally exciting on every layer like cream cheese or marzipan, but a cake like that just isn't made by the experts. It's the layers of plain sponge that make the other fillings taste so much better and its the explosions and harmonies of all the colours of love that make it the masterpiece it is.


You’re a headache in pyjamas
Demanding Weetbix billable hours
I’ve got you booked in 5 to 9
You’re my overtime
You’re my overtime

Snugged up in covers
Telling tall tales about others
Squeezing out the daily grind
You’re my overtime
You’re my overtime

You can be the hardest project that I have
You can be a pool of problems I can’t grab
You got me broken up, re-reading lines again
And there’s no better pay than to fix it in the end

You melt me down like honey
You turn a deal when you wrap around me
You here is the bottom line
You’re my overtime
You’re my overtime