Bloody Heels

Grimm Tales Cover


Rook di doo Rook di doo
There’s blood in the shoe
Blood in the shoe
Bloody heels
The shoe is too tight
Those brides are not right
Peck out their eyes
All their life they’ll be blind
Bloody heels
Oh oh

Dear child, remain pious and good
You wanna please God, cause God can be cruel
He bites hard if you break the rules
And you can’t be saved by pretty pearls or jewels
So wake up early, cook and wash
Make the fire, sleep in ash
Your stepsisters may look fair, but they’re trash
God don’t like the wicked and he’ll get them back

Bloody heels
Weep and pray to God three times a day
Bloody heels
As your sisters taunt and seal their fate

If you want to dance with the prince in the castle
And your evil stepmother tries to stop you
Makes you pick pick pick lentils into a pot
Just call out to God in the turtledoves
Then if she grunts like a toad that you still can’t go
Call out to God for silver and gold
Ask the little tree to shake and watch it throw
Clothes so beautiful the prince just won’t let go

Bloody heels
Shake and quiver little tree
Bloody heels
Soon the time will come and you’ll be free
Be free
Lada lala la la la

Dear child, remain pious and good
Know that God is watching and he knows the truth
When your stepsisters try to take the prince for a fool
Blood will run thick from their self-inflicted wounds
They can cut their toes off, slice a knife through their heels
But the meat will stay fresh and the cut won’t seal
And the prince will smell a rat as the blood dries brown
And they’ll never win his heart or claim the crown

Bloody heels to match their evil and dark hearts
Bloody heels
God says they can’t fit in heaven and they’ll only get hell on Earth
Hell on Earth

Dear God, If I can’t be good and I can’t be bad, what’s the right shade of grey?