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I released my first casual music video in a long time on my YouTube channel and it’s an a cappella cover of the TMBG song ‘When Will You Die?’, featuring death choir. Check it out!

This is the first of what I’m hoping to be a regular series of videos that come out every week on Mondays [I know, I know, it came out on a Tuesday, so I’m already behind schedule… But I’m trying to work out a balance!!]

I’d love for you to subscribe to my channel to see upcoming Music Monday videos and support my channel’s revival! If I manage to find a way to make it a regular habit, I may also add more casual music videos throughout the week [wild ambitions!!].

As a part of the Twitch Music Community song swap album, I covered Kraken Not Stirred‘s song ‘Don’t Blink, Don’t Panic, Don’t Feed Them After Midnight’! The track was also co-produced and mixed by fellow Twitch Music Community member Protostar! Check it out below.

It fittingly features red pens… Hey, you’ve got red on you 😛

If you like the video, please do check out and follow both Kraken Not Stirred and Protostar, as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see when my next music videos go live!