Blog - Studio

Today I went into the studio for a milestone mixing session. By the end of the session I was able to listen through all 5 of my Mini-P songs and hear the full mixes. Small adjustments were made here and there, but the pieces have fallen together! It’s really all there!! FREAK OUT.

I was working on the final mixes with my audio engineer Fabian (there’s still a session left where my producer Joey Lewis is going to look over the mixes with me) as well as the new studio intern Ben Bleyerveen. Ben is a musician himself and you can check out his work on Facebook. It’s so close to the end I can no longer just smell it but I’ve taken a sneaky bit off the edge and tasted it too.

I can’t wait to share it with you on the 20th of September when its all officially going to be put out there.

Yesterday I popped into the studio. The drums were overdubbed with other drums (through the totally real acoustic drum kit in the photos) and there was a bit more mixing in the mix.

Overall, I got my loon-bag on and some of the songs are sounding close to being wrapped up so I spent a bit of time hopping about in a flurry of excitement. Joy. The Mini-P is so close to coming to being!

Today I made a long awaited return to the studio to begin the process of mixing both the instrumental and the vocal recordings together for my Mini-P.

Hearing all the parts now done and ready to piece that final piece of the puzzle together is such a buzz. There’s a huge panic over the bits that don’t sound right and then a massive relief when its all fixed. There’s also a feeling of victory when I hear it all back thinking, dang! That’s my song.

I managed to catch a photo of audio engineer genius Fabian just as he turned around which is my favourite shot of the day. You can’t predict when I’m going to go wild and catch an awkward snap of you!