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How I painted my Tetris studio desk

Friday, January 4th, 2019 - General, Studio

Moving out has been chaotic, exhausting and time-consuming… But it’s also been an opportunity to start afresh and create a new home with everything Pat & I want in it, the way we want it! [within financial reason of course :P]

One of the things I’ve been yearning after for YEARS has been a proper studio desk with a pull-out drawer on which I can put my 88 key MIDI controller… And it’s finally become a reality! However, I didn’t just want it to look like any boring, old studio desk. I decided it was critically important to make it into a custom, unique, Tetris table!!

I streamed the process of me painting from after the base coat had dried [I obviously started by constructing the table and then painting it with a base coat, but I figured that wasn’t interesting enough to stream]. But… To save people having to watch the full 8 hours of streams to see the process, I made a super condensed video showing how it all came together!

For those who are interested. This is the table I purchased originally [with some adjustments to the design that I paid extra for], this is the paint I used for the base coat and this is the paint I used for the colour coats [I bought white and black and then created the greys by mixing the two together at home].

I tend to sing my own tunes, but I did something different and took on a song called ‘Fall’ by one of my ultra-talented friends and collaborators Laura Somerville.


Not only does she compose music, but she records and produces it as well! Talk about skillz. Her songs are usually of a cinematic ilk, including this one, but I brought along both my guitar and my pop sound to give it my own flavour too.


I’ll keep you updated and let you know when you can hear the tune in full. I can’t wait to hear how it’s turned out myself.

An Adventure In Adelaide

Sunday, February 9th, 2014 - General, News, Performances, Songs, Studio

As many may by now know, I spent the last few days in Adelaide on a wild adventure. As I won the SCALA FOOM Song Writing competition I had to go interstate to claim my prize (recording the winning song “We“).

The adventure involved some serious music business like recording the song, performing at the SCALA Live night and filming the makings of a new music video. But there was also lots of exploring to be had, new sights, foods and shops to be devoured.

I’ve documented the experience in a more blow-by-blow sort of way on my instagram (@meriamber), so to check out captions to everything and some more pics head over there!