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This Wednesday I’m going to be releasing the official music video for my pop/dance music parody ‘Baby Baby Butt So Sexy’. If you haven’t heard the song yet, remove the articles of the clothing and hit play below!

The only way to get a download of the song currently is by being a member of Ninja Club. Ninja Club members are also going to get to preview the music video, in full, today as well. There are many benefits to being a ninja, you should totally join 😉

Otherwise, here are some sneaky behind the scenes teaser shots to hold you over!

Baby Baby Butt So Sexy Teaser 1

Baby Baby Butt So Sexy Teaser 2

Baby Baby Butt So Sexy Teaser 3

Baby Baby Butt So Sexy Teaser 4

Baby Baby Butt So Sexy Teaser 5

Baby Baby Butt So Sexy Teaser 6

The video will be going up on my YouTube channel so keep an eye [and fork] out!

My single, ‘Daryl The Demonic Dolphin’, is officially out for the world to hear!!

It’s a cute, condescending, political, joyous and demonic piece that switches the roles between humans and dolphins, painting a portrait of a sweet world of mass, unknowing, genocide!

If you like the track [yay!!] you can get a download of it [as well as all sorts of other cool things like instrumental versions, chord charts etc.] by joining Ninja Club 😀

The whole song was inspired by a ukulele that my parents bought me at the markets [the one depicted in the cover art for the song]. They saw a blue ukulele and thought I could create a mini guiTARDIS… But, I realised that wouldn’t work quite as well because there was a dolphin carved into the design of it. So, instead, I brainstormed, and somehow, this song emerged!

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it!!

My next single release is as different from my last single release as humanly possible… It’s a song called ‘Baby Baby Butt So Sexy’ that’s a bit of a parody of dance and pop music. A song featuring a new guest/character. DJ 4MB3RR. Click play below to hear it!

Currently, the only place you can get a download of the song is by being a part of Ninja Club. If you liked the song or what I do in general, definitely check it out!

I was first inspired to create this song after randomly responding to a tweet that was expressing disappointment in modern music. I responded with “But my hit track “Baby Baby, Your Butt So Sexy, Love Forever, Torn On The Inside, Dance, Money Money” took me YEARS to perfect.” I thought about it after and decided “this song actually needs to be made”.

It changed a little bit as I put it together and collected more ideas. But, I’m pretty proud of how it came together and excited about putting together an equally cooky music video for it [once I’m feeling better, as I’m quite under the weather right now!].

I hope you enjoy it and get a giggle out of it!! Probably don’t go singing it on the streets or in your workplace though, people may question you 😛