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The official track for ‘Tripping Pokemon Go Players In The Park’ is now out for the world to hear! Click play below and sway sweetly along to this romantically vicious song!

Currently the only place you can get a download of the song [or the Instrumental/Karaoke/WAV version, or the chord chart] is by being a member of Ninja Club. If you want to support what I do and get cool perks like these song downloads [as well as a TONNE of other stuff!] definitely check it out 😉

I hope the song inspires you to be your best self. Or at least giggle a little 😛 It was originally inspired by Tom Lehrer’s ‘Poisoning Pigeons In The Park’ and, well, Pokemon Go.

Trash Music Video Teaser

Monday, January 20th, 2020 - General, Songs

The official music video for ‘Trash’, featuring DJ 4MB3RR, is going to be released on Wednesday! If you haven’t heard the song yet, hit play below to get the down and the dirty.

Right now, members of Ninja Club already have access to watch the music video in full. Ninja Club is also currently the only place you can get a download of the track too. If you’d like fancy benefits like song downloads, previews [and LOTS more], defs check out Ninja Club!

In the meanwhile, here’s a bit of a teaser of what’s to come 😉 Keep an eye on my YouTube channel on Wednesday!

Trash Music Video Teaser 1

Trash Music Video Teaser 2

Trash Music Video Teaser 3

Trash Music Video Teaser 4

Trash Music Video Teaser 5

Computer Game Pop Covers Sampler

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 - General, News, Songs

I just released a full set of not one, not two, or three, or four, or even five… But SIX Computer Game Covers to the world! I decided I’d do the release in celebration of my Birthday and the holiday season 🙂 Here’s a sampler of the songs included!

All of the songs are produced by me with just video game sounds and vocals!

The full versions of the songs are completely exclusive to Ninja Club Members and people who are subscribed to the Meri Amber Twitch channel. Namely, the first three songs [Lean On, Same Old Love and The Impression That I Get] are exclusive to Ninja Club Members and the last three songs [Wonderland, Savages and Unstoppable] are exclusive to Twitch subscribers.

If you’ve supported what I do on either platform, go grab your downloads! Thank you so so so so so much for your support and… I hope you have the most fantastic end of year holidays!!

P.S. If you’re not supporting me on either platform, I would love for you to check it out! The downloads will stay up for both indefinitely 🙂