Blog - Performances

Yesterday I had an awesome time performing at Goulburn Comic Con! The weather may have been fierce… But we were fiercer 😛

Meri Amber at Goulburn Comic Con - Bubble Face

I met some rad new folks and performed some brand new never-heard-before songs.

Meri Amber at Goulburn Comic Con - With Cosplayers

Thank you to everyone who listened and to those who stopped for a chat 😀 You’re brillulous!

I threw my big party event, Magic Pixels Bubbles, upstairs at the Valve Bar and it went off!

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Meri Amber Singing

Not only was it the normal level of fantabulous as an event, but I launched my CD, Retro Sherbet, as part of the festivities too 😀

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Foyer

The audience was bustling from the get go as people met up and made new friends.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Art

There was incredible comic art on display (some of the best that this event has ever seen which was awesome!) as well as zines for people to flick through.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Pokemon Monopoly

There was also a selection of games available, Pokemon Monopoly being the finest of course.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Games

Not everyone was able to claim Pokemon Monopoly but every table was able to grab a quirky, colourful one to play anywho.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Liam Power

Liam Power kicked off the show with mind-boggling tricks and lots of audience interaction.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Aquaman

It was super easy to get into the show. Aquaman wasn’t the only one 😛

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Trish

Trish Koutrodimos then brought the laughs with her stand up comedy routine.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - The Audience

Everyone was hanging on to her every word to see how her stories would play out! Would her Greek grandma win? Would she be forced to sleep like a corpse in order to preserve her posture?

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Meri Amber Singing

Lastly, I stepped on stage to sing my songs.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Drama

I sung without a guitar which enabled me to get into full arm flailing action as I performed some Retro Sherbet songs.

Magic Pixels Bubbles - Meri Amber

I even managed to fit in a costume change 😛 Keeping it exciting 😉

Thank you to everyone that came along! The night was so wonderful and there was so many brilliant memories formed as it played out. YOU were what made it so very awesomesauce.

The last couple of months have been such a flurry of shows, songs and travelling to new and wonderful places that I thought I’d create a post that collects at least some of these memories together!

Meri Amber Performing at Honour Our Heroes

I did a bunch of smaller comic conventions and shows including this one, the Honour Our Heroes Relay Walk (raising money for war veterans in Australia). Every time I would meet new people from all different walks of life and hear stories about all sorts of cool adventures.

Meri Amber performing at Magic Pixels Bubbles

I held the event I organise, Magic Pixels Bubbles, and had a brilliant bunch of folks come along to watch a great line up of music and art. I’ll be doing a dedicated blog post for this show later down the track 😉

The awesome film crew at work for the When I Get My Superpowers music video

Behind the scenes filming for the When I Get My Superpowers music video

I was lucky enough to work with a full film crew yielding some super fancy technology for the When I Get My Superpowers music video. I lived out many dreams, like being Supergirl, having kittens all over me and dancing in a full group choreographed dance routine.

Meri Amber performing at Wellington Armageddon

Meri Amber exploring Wellington

Meri Amber performing at Wellington Armageddon

Meri Amber performing at Wellington Armageddon

I did my first ever international show at Armageddon in Wellington. It was the absolute best adventure, travelling to a new corner of the world, making friends and sharing my songs at an uber cool event.

Meri Amber performing at Sydney Supanova

A line up of water bottles at Sydney Supanova

Meri Amber performing as Daphne at Sydney Supanova

I also performed at Supanova Sydney. Performing at this show was my dream even prior to releasing the Super EP. To have that dream come true, well, it’s difficult to put into words how amazing it feels 😀