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I’m super excited to announce the winner of the Origin Story website competition. It has been one of the most exciting competitions I’ve run with the biggest prize pool and the entries have been truly FANTASTIC!

As always, I choose the winner from the responses to a question (in this case ‘What is your superhero origin story?’) and do not see to whom the various answers correspond to when I do, to keep it fair.

So, who’s the winner?

Drum roll…

Competition Announcement Winner

Zara Drakoulis!!

Her response to the question was every flavour of fabulous:

“One day, I was scrolling through the supa-star guest list on Supanova’s website to see if there was anybody I knew. Then I stumbled onto “Meri Amber: Geek Pop Singer-Songwriter” which caught my interest, because what on Earth is geek pop? So I clicked on her page, one thing led to another and I was on her YouTube channel. After watching the first part of “The Frogsical” it said “Subscribe for superpowers”. I was all like “Haha, yeah right…” but I subscribed because I liked her music.

The next day was just like any other, I left the house, went to school, but when I returned home there was something awaiting me on my bedside table. It was a ring, a simple band of metal with no jewel, but a place for one, as if it had been removed.

Then I heard a strange whirring, whooshing sound and spun around to identify the source. I stood there, paralysed in shock as a blue police box materialised right before my very eyes. The door creaked open and a man stuck his head out “Hi, this wouldn’t happen to be the moon?” “Uh… no.” I replied, part awed and part confused. “I knew it!” A female voice called from inside the box. “Donna…” he sounded exasperated. “Ha! What happened to, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing, just these few buttons…” “Sorry for intruding, we’ll be off now.” He said to me. “Um, ok.” I waved.

“Wait…” his eyebrows knit together and he stepped out of the box. “No, it can’t be…” he took my hand and examined the ring. “What?” “Where did you get this from?” He asked. “Uh, I don’t know, it was on my table when I got home today.” “Well, at least I know why the TARDIS brought us here now.” “The… TARDIS?” I asked. “Time and relative dimensions in space.” He explained and placed his hand on the blue box. “Back in a minute.”


I’d been standing outside the police box for a couple of minutes now, so I decided to see what he was doing. I stepped forward and nudged the door open. I peered in and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was bigger on the inside. Then I spotted him in the corner, along with a woman I presumed to be the one I heard earlier, Donna. “Doctor, what are you looking for?” She asked. “A gem.” “Why are you looking for a gem?” “A favour to a friend… she found out that the Daleks can be defeated by bug spray and it’s helped a lot to exterminate them… Aha! Found it.” I closed the door and stepped back, hoping they wouldn’t notice I eavesdropped on their conversation.

He stepped out and handed me a gem. “Take this, put it on the ring. I hope Meri knows what she’s doing…” “Wait, Meri? As in… Meri Amber?” “Yeah, she was the one that gave you this. Anyway, I have to go now. I promised Donna a trip to the moon, and this time I’ll get it right.” He stepped back into the TARDIS and It dematerialised. “Ok…” I said to myself. “That was weird.”

I sat down at my desk and stared at the gem. It was a beautiful aqua colour with flecks of green. I placed it on the ring. Suddenly, a blinding light emitted from the ring and I shielded my eyes with my hand (the one without the ring on it). When I uncovered my eyes, a fairy was floating above my desk. She had a beautiful blue gown and red, curly hair. “Wha-wha-” I stammered and stood up.

“Don’t worry, Zara.” The fairy said. “I’m Penelope, but you can call me Penny. I’m here to guide you on your journey as a super-heroine!” “What?!” She proceeded to explain that the ring was Alien technology that would grant me the powers of invisibility and super speed. She would be my guide on my adventures with my partner- “Partner?” I asked. “But that’s not important right now. I sense a malevolent presence. You must transform!”

“What?! But I don’t even know if I CAN be a superhero!”

“Trust yourself, Zara! Just say, “Mist on”.”

I tentatively said. “Mist on?” Then, Penny got sucked into my ring and blue lights swirled around me. My normal clothes transformed into a skintight blue leather outfit with green swirls. A mask appeared on my face and on my hip a blue… can of bug spray. “Wow, mega weapon.” I muttered to myself. “Penny, I am not going anywhere like this!” But then, all of a sudden, I could sense what Penny had sensed before. A presence of evil that must be stopped.

I didn’t like it, but I figured I had to do something. I may still not think I’m the right person for the job, but I am grateful that ever since that day I have been Aquamist.”

Congratulations Zara!!

Competition Reminder

Thank you to everyone that entered! There were truly so many great entries to the competition <3 I can't feature all of them, but here are a few more I really loved:

“I loved to draw but in primary school I was bullied because I wasn’t as good as other students. They would all point at my drawings and say how bad they were. I used to draw something for my teacher everyday. She always loved them and would hang them up I’m her office. She is the reason I kept drawing. Most people love art because their good at it but I loved it because I loved to create and express my ideas. Not long after I joined art classes. Six years later I won first prize at the canberra show for my oil painting.” – Lauren Taylor

“I was born with super strength and toughness. I actually started out as a villian, before I gave up my dastardly ways. (The life expectancy is short, and it’s hard to get good pr) so I became a hero. Yes, quite a few of my former associates are angry at me..but now it’s a competition with them to see who can become my nemesis. I have a good pr firm, the merchandising is great. (And so is the dental!)” – David Tykwinski

“I was slowly deteriorating. Day by day, becoming weaker. I needed coffee to thrive and I was drinking more and more. I got to the point I was drinking 100 cups a day. Then it happened, I didn’t need coffee any more, but I could will it into existence. My power is the ability to provide coffee from nowhere to people that are tired and need of the joy of coffee.” – Sam Lindsay

If you missed out this time on prizes, don’t fret, if you look closely on the home page of this website you might just see the next competition is already up 😉

Grimm Tales is officially released!

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 - General, News, Songs

My Grimm brothers’ fairytales themed EP, Grimm Tales, is officially out! You can now listen to the entire EP and grab a copy, both in digital and physical format 😀 Take a listen!

If you want to stream it in general, you can now stream it:
On my website
On Spotify (add me to your playlists!)

If you want to buy a digital download, you can now grab your copy:
On my website
On iTunes
On Google Play
On Amazon
On BandCamp

If you want to buy a physical copy, you can now grab your copy:
On my website

A huge thank you goes out to Nathan Seabolt who did the album art and Patrick Catanzariti who did the photography (that comes in the Grimm Tales Extras PDF).

Robot, Meet Art.

Monday, August 28th, 2017 - General, News

I’ve embarked on a HUGE project. ‘Robot, Meet Art.’

It’s possibly the most challenging thing I’ve ever taken on in my life. I’m nervous and excited and, honestly, a little scared. But, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. I’ve created a Google+ collection to document it all which you can check out and follow here!

Humanity Bot

With my recent admission to Google+ Create, the upcoming art exhibition I’ve put myself forward for and my recent acceptance into the University Of Sydney’s Mechatronics course (which I’m not sure if I’m going to do or not), I feel like this is a great time to launch this project off.

Basically, my grand schemes are to learn about robotics and combine my newfound knowledge with my passion and experience in music, as well as my love for art.

I want to bring the three fields together. Create robotic artworks worthy for exhibition in galleries, new mind-boggling musical instruments that could make for unforgettable performances, and other fantastical oddities that will inspire and delight you!

In the collection, I’ll be posting photos and videos of my learning and creating processes. I’ll post inspirations and news/events that have made me think or question things. I’ll reveal the final versions of my robot-music-artworks. And, I’ll hopefully be able to collaborate with others in the community too!

Although the project will be centred primarily on my Google+ page, I’ll also be posting things on my YouTube channel and big, landmark things on this blog.

I can’t wait to go on this journey and bring you along with me! It’s time to put a calculator, some microcontrollers and wires into my lab kit and, as the Doctor says… Allons-y!