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The very first Ninja Club compilation EP is out for the world to listen to, stream, purchase and share around!!

White Belt Warrior - Ninja Club Vol. 1 Cover

The tracklist is an eclectic mix of songs including:

1. The Stage (Wedding Song)
2. Baby Baby Butt So Sexy
3. Go Fund My Pickles
4. Daryl The Demonic Dolphin
5. W0nd3rtr0l1 (‘Wonderwall’ Parody)
6. Amber Moons

‘The Stage’ is a song I wrote for my husband to give to him as a gift on our wedding day. ‘Baby Baby Butt So Sexy’ is a parody of EDM/pop/dance music featuring DJ 4MB3RR [my DJ reincarnation]. ‘Go Fund My Pickles’ is a comedy song/fundraising campaign raising money for pickles.

‘Daryl The Demonic Dolphin’ is a cute-sounding-but-demonic, comedy song which switches the roles between humans & dolphins. ‘W0nd3rtr0l1 (“Wonderwall” Parody)’ is a parody of Wonderwall I wrote on my Twitch stream [taking input from chat!] inspired by Twitch trolls. ‘Amber Moons’ is another song I wrote on my Twitch stream [taking input from chat!] that has grown to become the stream anthem.

You can stream the full EP on:
* My website
* Spotify
* Apple Music

And, purchase the full EP on:
* My website
* Google Play
* iTunes
* Amazon Music
* CD Baby
* Bandcamp

Thank you so much to Ninja Club members for making these songs [and their music videos!] possible. Definitely check out Ninja Club if you’d like to support future creations!

ECCA Award

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 - General, News

I was blown away yesterday, literally blown away.

While I was streaming Song Domination on my Twitch channel, I received a $600 donation from ECCA Award which helped the stream reach the $2000 camera goal… After which, I was informed by one of the board members of the ECCA Awards board that I had actually received an ECCA Award grant!!

The grant included the gifting not only of the $600, but also a tonne of high-quality gear to help the stream level up. Included in this list of gear was a Sony A7R II camera [This camera is NEXT LEVEL], a Shure SM7B microphone and an AVerMedia GC573 capture card!

You can see my understandably thrilled and excited reaction here.

I found out that the ECCA Awards are a non-profit group, supporting emerging content creators!! [Hence the ECC in their name]. They highlight content creators on their website. And are, also, soon going to offer resources on their site to help content creators such as:

– Business-related training materials and forms [as content creators are small businesses]

– Resources to combat common enemies [hackers/stream snipers, etc]

– Serve as a neutral third party to host standards for broadcasts such as volume levels, etc.

How awesome is that? Rather dang awesome. That’s how awesome. They’re on Twitter, so I highly recommend following them on there and seeing the good work their doing and so you can see when the resources go up [as well as watch them make streamers’ dreams come true!].

Thank you ECCA Awards! I am honoured to have been selected by you!

Violent Delights Is Released!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 - News, Songs

My Westworld themed EP, ‘Violent Delights’, is officially released!! You can listen to the entire EP right here by clicking play:

If you like it you can grab a download of the EP on:
My website
Google Play

If you want a physical copy you can order on my website:
The CD, or
The deluxe pack

You can also add the EP to your playlists on Spotify 🙂

I’m super proud of this EP. It’s been over a year in the making and it’s something completely different to anything I’ve ever released before! In particular, I’m especially proud of the lyrics [which you can read on the Music page of this website if you’re a word muncher!]. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it 😀