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Computer Game Pop Covers Sampler

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 - General, News, Songs

I just released a full set of not one, not two, or three, or four, or even five… But SIX Computer Game Covers to the world! I decided I’d do the release in celebration of my Birthday and the holiday season 🙂 Here’s a sampler of the songs included!

All of the songs are produced by me with just video game sounds and vocals!

The full versions of the songs are completely exclusive to Ninja Club Members and people who are subscribed to the Meri Amber Twitch channel. Namely, the first three songs [Lean On, Same Old Love and The Impression That I Get] are exclusive to Ninja Club Members and the last three songs [Wonderland, Savages and Unstoppable] are exclusive to Twitch subscribers.

If you’ve supported what I do on either platform, go grab your downloads! Thank you so so so so so much for your support and… I hope you have the most fantastic end of year holidays!!

P.S. If you’re not supporting me on either platform, I would love for you to check it out! The downloads will stay up for both indefinitely 🙂

The very first Ninja Club compilation EP is out for the world to listen to, stream, purchase and share around!!

White Belt Warrior - Ninja Club Vol. 1 Cover

The tracklist is an eclectic mix of songs including:

1. The Stage (Wedding Song)
2. Baby Baby Butt So Sexy
3. Go Fund My Pickles
4. Daryl The Demonic Dolphin
5. W0nd3rtr0l1 (‘Wonderwall’ Parody)
6. Amber Moons

‘The Stage’ is a song I wrote for my husband to give to him as a gift on our wedding day. ‘Baby Baby Butt So Sexy’ is a parody of EDM/pop/dance music featuring DJ 4MB3RR [my DJ reincarnation]. ‘Go Fund My Pickles’ is a comedy song/fundraising campaign raising money for pickles.

‘Daryl The Demonic Dolphin’ is a cute-sounding-but-demonic, comedy song which switches the roles between humans & dolphins. ‘W0nd3rtr0l1 (“Wonderwall” Parody)’ is a parody of Wonderwall I wrote on my Twitch stream [taking input from chat!] inspired by Twitch trolls. ‘Amber Moons’ is another song I wrote on my Twitch stream [taking input from chat!] that has grown to become the stream anthem.

You can stream the full EP on:
* My website
* Spotify
* Apple Music

And, purchase the full EP on:
* My website
* Google Play
* iTunes
* Amazon Music
* CD Baby
* Bandcamp

Thank you so much to Ninja Club members for making these songs [and their music videos!] possible. Definitely check out Ninja Club if you’d like to support future creations!

ECCA Award

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 - General, News

I was blown away yesterday, literally blown away.

While I was streaming Song Domination on my Twitch channel, I received a $600 donation from ECCA Award which helped the stream reach the $2000 camera goal… After which, I was informed by one of the board members of the ECCA Awards board that I had actually received an ECCA Award grant!!

The grant included the gifting not only of the $600, but also a tonne of high-quality gear to help the stream level up. Included in this list of gear was a Sony A7R II camera [This camera is NEXT LEVEL], a Shure SM7B microphone and an AVerMedia GC573 capture card!

You can see my understandably thrilled and excited reaction here.

I found out that the ECCA Awards are a non-profit group, supporting emerging content creators!! [Hence the ECC in their name]. They highlight content creators on their website. And are, also, soon going to offer resources on their site to help content creators such as:

– Business-related training materials and forms [as content creators are small businesses]

– Resources to combat common enemies [hackers/stream snipers, etc]

– Serve as a neutral third party to host standards for broadcasts such as volume levels, etc.

How awesome is that? Rather dang awesome. That’s how awesome. They’re on Twitter, so I highly recommend following them on there and seeing the good work their doing and so you can see when the resources go up [as well as watch them make streamers’ dreams come true!].

Thank you ECCA Awards! I am honoured to have been selected by you!