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Bling Bling Book Song List!

Sunday, July 21st, 2019 - General




‘Bob’ [‘Weird Al’ Yankovic + Meri Amber Additions]

‘Cats At Parties’ [The Doubleclicks]

‘Dare’ [The Bloop Bloop Song / Transformers / Stan Bush]

‘Do You Want To Date My Avatar?’ [The Guild]

‘Dr Worm’ [They Might Be Giants]

‘I Choose You’ [Pokemon Love Song / Metricula]

‘Megaranger: The Cyberdelix’ [Power Rangers / The FD 1]

‘Portal To My Heart’ [Press Start 2 Play]

‘Staci Stasis’ [Zombina & The Skeletons]

‘Take It From Me’ [Kirby Krackle]

‘The Ballad Of Serenity’ [Firefly]

‘The Power Of Love’ [Back To The Future / Huey Lewis]

‘The World Is Saved’ [Dennis Wiessner]

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ [Busted]

‘When Will You Die?’ [They Might Be Giants]

‘You Chose Me’ [Meri Amber]

‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ [Toy Story / Randy Newman]





‘What In Rao’s Name?’ [Meri Amber]

Go Funnd Ma Pickles

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 - General

There’s obviously no actual GoFundMe for this 😛

Go chat with someone you haven’t chatted with for a while, or help a friend who’s struggling <3 Maybe spend your money on something nice for someone you care about... Like cheesecake! There are so many fantastic charities and causes out there if you want to donate money. Some of my favourites are Sony Foundation and Save The Children.

If you like my music, I’d love for you to check out Ninja Club, Ninja Club members get a download of the song ‘Go Fund My Pickles’, and, being a member is a way you can help me in creating more nutball music & videos 🙂

Also, just have an awesome day, cause you’re awesome.

The Stage Music Video

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 - General, Videos

The music video for ‘The Stage’ is officially out!! Hit the play button below to see the video and hear the song!!

If you like the song I would LOVE for you to check out Ninja Club, currently, it’s the only place you can get a download of the song [and shall be the only place you can get a download of the song for quite some time].

A massive shout out to Gyula Gyorffy who produced the song and T-ONE Image who made the music video for the song! As well as, of course, my stunning husband Patrick <3 I feel like the luckiest girl in the entire of time and space to be married to you!!