Computer Game Pop Covers Sampler

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 - General, News, Songs

I just released a full set of not one, not two, or three, or four, or even five… But SIX Computer Game Covers to the world! I decided I’d do the release in celebration of my Birthday and the holiday season 🙂 Here’s a sampler of the songs included!

All of the songs are produced by me with just video game sounds and vocals!

The full versions of the songs are completely exclusive to Ninja Club Members and people who are subscribed to the Meri Amber Twitch channel. Namely, the first three songs [Lean On, Same Old Love and The Impression That I Get] are exclusive to Ninja Club Members and the last three songs [Wonderland, Savages and Unstoppable] are exclusive to Twitch subscribers.

If you’ve supported what I do on either platform, go grab your downloads! Thank you so so so so so much for your support and… I hope you have the most fantastic end of year holidays!!

P.S. If you’re not supporting me on either platform, I would love for you to check it out! The downloads will stay up for both indefinitely 🙂

The end of last year was the most glorious touring chaos! I collected so many mind-boggling memories, there were so many colours of emotions and so many fantastic people that I met along the way.

I haven’t done a comic strip summary of my tours for a while, but honestly, this end-of-the-year tour was so very memorable it would be absolutely amiss of me not to commemorate it in a blog [and I’ll get back to doing them more regularly again soon too!].

Here are some selected snippets of the end-of-2017 tour in comic strip form!

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Table

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Show Audience Perspective

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Show Stage Lights

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Hat

End Of Year Tour - Amazing Painting

End Of Year Tour - Impact Comics Full Crew

End Of Year Tour - Create NSW

Thank you so very much Supanova, Impact Comics, Buzz Conf and Freecon for having me on as a performer! And, thank you truckloads Create NSW for helping make the tour happen, it means so very much <3

I had the honour of performing at Sydney and Perth Supanova with the amazing Kirby Krackle. They made my day, month and year by learning one of my songs and performing it with me!

Here is video footage of me half freaking out/fangirling and half performing Beat The Game with them!

Thank you so much to Kirby Krackle for having me on! If you’re a fan of geeky music like mine, Kirby Krackle’s music will be right up your alley, so make sure you check them out and follow them too!!