‘The Stage’ Single Release!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 - General, Songs

For the first time in over a year, I’m releasing a single! It’s not just any single either. It’s the song I wrote as a gift to my husband, that I gave to him on our wedding day last year. A song called ‘The Stage’. You can hear it right now by hitting play below!

At the current time, the only place where you can get a download of the single is by being a part of Ninja Club. Everyone at the $5 and higher levels gets a download of the song [as well as a bunch of other cool things, such as the chord chart to the song etc.].

This song, obviously, means a huge deal to me. It’s a song that was REALLY hard to write, because of the immensely important occasion I was writing it for. I tried and then gave up on many many songs before I completed this song and decided it was “the one”.

For me, being in love has been the most surreal, ecstatic experience of my life. It really does feel like the entire world is some big stage setup, put in place to house Patrick & I’s love story. It’s somehow the most giddy and relaxed feeling all at once. Where everything is fireworks and excitement, yet calm and exactly how it should be.

I hope you have either felt this feeling, or will, that you’ll feel it every day… Because it truly is as wonderful as those chocolate ads make it out to be 😛