The Stage Music Video Teaser

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 - General, Songs

Last week I released the first single I have for over a year, The Stage. It’s the song I wrote for Patrick to give to him as a gift on our wedding day. A song that means the world to me. If you haven’t heard it yet, click play below!

Tomorrow, I’m going to be releasing the official music video to accompany the track! It’s not only the music video for the song, but also Patrick & my official wedding trailer video too. There are so many memories and moments in that one video, it captures such a huge event in both of our lives, I can’t wait for you to see it [and hopefully feel some of those happy, giddy feelings we felt!].

Yesterday, members of Ninja Club received their preview link to see the video in full before everyone else. Ninja Club is currently the only place you can get a download of the song as well. If you like the song and what I do, I’d love for you to check out Ninja Club and consider supporting me on there.

Although the video isn’t released publicly yet, I thought I’d share a few teasers to get you excited, here’s just a few snippets from the upcoming clip!

Definitely keep an eye on my YouTube channel tomorrow to see the full thing!