How I painted my Tetris studio desk

Friday, January 4th, 2019 - General, Studio

Moving out has been chaotic, exhausting and time-consuming… But it’s also been an opportunity to start afresh and create a new home with everything Pat & I want in it, the way we want it! [within financial reason of course :P]

One of the things I’ve been yearning after for YEARS has been a proper studio desk with a pull-out drawer on which I can put my 88 key MIDI controller… And it’s finally become a reality! However, I didn’t just want it to look like any boring, old studio desk. I decided it was critically important to make it into a custom, unique, Tetris table!!

I streamed the process of me painting from after the base coat had dried [I obviously started by constructing the table and then painting it with a base coat, but I figured that wasn’t interesting enough to stream]. But… To save people having to watch the full 8 hours of streams to see the process, I made a super condensed video showing how it all came together!

For those who are interested. This is the table I purchased originally [with some adjustments to the design that I paid extra for], this is the paint I used for the base coat and this is the paint I used for the colour coats [I bought white and black and then created the greys by mixing the two together at home].