Break Through Music Video Teaser

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 - General, Songs

A new music video is coming to my YouTube channel tomorrow! It’s the official video for the song ‘Break Through’. You can listen to the track by clicking play below here:

‘Break Through’ is a particularly special track as it was written on my Twitch channel during a stream I was doing to fundraise money for the Sony Foundation‘s ‘You Can‘ program during an event called Gaming4Life. The song took lyric contributions from people watching and was a real group effort.

When writing the song we kept the youth cancer patients who benefitted from the ‘You Can’ program in mind and tried to write a song that reminded them that they are more powerful than they know, and if they keep pushing, fighting and believing, they can overcome the worst of obstacles.

Here are a few video stills from the upcoming video.

Break Through Video Still 1

Break Through Video Still 2

Break Through Video Still 3

Break Through Video Still 4

Break Through Video Still 5

Break Through Video Still 6

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