The end of last year was the most glorious touring chaos! I collected so many mind-boggling memories, there were so many colours of emotions and so many fantastic people that I met along the way.

I haven’t done a comic strip summary of my tours for a while, but honestly, this end-of-the-year tour was so very memorable it would be absolutely amiss of me not to commemorate it in a blog [and I’ll get back to doing them more regularly again soon too!].

Here are some selected snippets of the end-of-2017 tour in comic strip form!

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Table

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Show Audience Perspective

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Show Stage Lights

End Of Year Tour - Supanova Hat

End Of Year Tour - Amazing Painting

End Of Year Tour - Impact Comics Full Crew

End Of Year Tour - Create NSW

Thank you so very much Supanova, Impact Comics, Buzz Conf and Freecon for having me on as a performer! And, thank you truckloads Create NSW for helping make the tour happen, it means so very much <3