Grimm Tales Competition Winner

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 - General

To celebrate the release of my Grimm Brothers themed EP, Grimm Tales, I ran a competition on my website and… It’s time to announce the winner!!

Grimm Tales Competition Prizes

The prizes include three of my CDs that I customised for the competition, five postcards, six badges and four Meri Amber stickers. Lots of goodies 😛

So, who won the prize?

Drum roll…

Oh the tension!

Who could it be?

It’s, it’s…

Kitty!! I loved her entry:

“Dance Til’ You’re Dead. I found Meri on Twitch during a very upsetting weekend and her stream was pretty much the only thing that made me smile. I love the whole EP, but I really loved Dance Til’ You’re Dead. Aside from it being the first song off the EP that I heard, I love songs that are “deceiving”, if you will–upbeat and cheerful sounding, but the lyrics are actually really sad and/or dark. And the poem at the end. I love the poem, but something about “I become less important with every fatal imperfection” reaches in and grabs me by the self-loathing.”

Kitty, I’ll be getting in touch with you super soon about your prizes 😉

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!! There’ll be a new competition soon enough, so keep a look out on my website and social media sites. Here are a few other entries I really liked too 😀

“Saved by Murder, because it’s such a deliciously dark lyric, and a great song.” – Alex

“Dance Til You’re Dead because it’s just so energy packed for such a wonderfully morbid end result (you know, the death thing).” – Trainboy

“Bloody Heels – I think the final spoken line of “what’s the right shade of grey?” is quite profound.” – Chris

“Saved by Murder; I enjoy the feel of the music and can get lost in the atmosphere created by the backing and lyrics.” – Jesse

Also, while waiting about for another competition… Why not listen to Grimm Tales? 😉