In celebration of the release of Origin Story, I’ve been making my way through all the songs in the track list, telling the stories behind them Song By Song. You can find part one here, part two here, part three here, part four here, part five here and this is part six!

If you’re enjoying the songs, it would mean the world to me if you would share the album and/or grab yourself a copy!

Let’s get into part six!

Block By Block

Block By Block was produced as a part of the Emoji Love Singles series before it was remastered for its place on Origin Story. It was a song I originally wrote and produced for use in a video showcasing the work of the incredible Lego artist Bricktascale. Naturally, it’s a song all about Lego! As well as a song about how powerful someone’s support can be.

Block By Block sticks out on Origin Story as being a very different style of song. Specifically, it has a very country music vibe, which is something I don’t usually venture into. It felt like the perfect style to go with building a Lego artwork in my mind and, I feel, worked really well in the end in the final video.

Creating Block By Block and the final video represents an important step in my Origin Story as it represents one of the very first times I collaborated with another geeky artist that I had connected with at a comic convention. An entire universe opens up when you realise the power of connecting and creating with people on similar wavelengths. I had so much joy in creating this song and so much excitement in seeing all the pieces fall together. It’s such an honour and an opportunity to be able to meet with so many creative people at comic conventions I perform at, this is the absolute best thing that can come out of it!

The Best Bit

The Best Bit is the final song on the Mega EP section of Origin Story. It was originally released as the final single in the Postcard Singles series of songs I released some years ago. The Best Bit has a hilarious story behind it and a particularly important message, both which make it a wonderful part of my Origin Story.

The Best Bit was originally written in a similar style to Block By Block, with a country flavour. However, when I spoke with my producer Gyula Gyorffy about the song’s production I had a miscommunication I hadn’t accounted for that changed everything. I asked for the drums to be ‘Four to the Floor’ style kick drums, which producers in Australia would understand is an even kick beat. But, I didn’t realise that this was an Australianism and that Gyula may not have heard of it before. He ended up Googling Four To The Floor and thought I had asked him to make a club dance style song. The Best Bit came out with this style and at first, I thought it was hilarious, but then, I decided it was actually perfect and worked in such a ‘Meri’ way.

Although, from the outset, it seems that the song is simply about baking cupcakes and cleaning up afterwards. The song is actually about something so much more important. It’s a song about finding the positive in every situation and realising that any bit could be the best bit of the process. If you have the right attitude, the world transforms around you.

Share My Time

Share My Time was a song that was originally released as a bonus track on the Wandering Mini-P, which was my first ever physical release and a test run EP. Share My Time, being a remastered single, was an even earlier song of mine that was a big part of the start of my career. It was the song I submitted to Triple J Unearthed, that eventually made it to the top of the Triple J Unearthed charts for two weeks!

The song is more typical of that part of my music creating life. Many of the songs in the Wandering Mini-P are exactly what you’d expect from the title. There’s a lot of “wandering”, trying to figure out the complications of life and a lot of relying on others (especially a romantic partner) on solving problems. Share My Time is a song of yearning, feeling inadequate and worried. But it’s also a beautiful song about wanting to share happy moments and joy.

The song plays an important role in my Origin Story as it was a part of so many of the initial experiences in my musical life. It was a staple in the online Google Hangout performances I did as well as in my (back then far more occasional) live performances. The Triple J Unearthed experience was also a really big part of my life and really helped my self confidence and ability to launch myself completely into creating music full time.

Apple Tree

Apple Tree is a very different song to all the other songs on Origin Story. It’s the very first song I ever released and it’s a song that falls into the comedy genre. I never released this song on a physical release prior to Origin Story and in many ways, it was hidden online (though a few people still managed to find it at the bottom of my SoundCloud profile or Bandcamp page!).

Apple Tree is obviously a huge part of my Origin Story as it is the first song I ever released, the start of my musical journey. It was a song that was recorded at Sony Studios through the Talent Development Project as part of graduating from the program. The TDP was a huge huge part of the start of my musical journey. The program accelerated my ability to write and perform ten fold, giving me so much confidence and getting me through so many mental barriers. During TDP I sang exclusively comedy songs, which is a background many people wouldn’t know I come from.

The song, Apple Tree, was also the song I was lucky enough to perform solo at a show called the Schools Spectacular in the final year of high school. The most fantastic part of this experience was the fact that my performance was acted out by a bunch of incredible puppets. There was a puppet boyfriend, a puppet apple tree and, most crucially (and fantastically), puppet mafia man puppets! This was my first ever BIG performance and it was mind blowing. It’s something I will absolutely never forget.

Thank you for reading the stories behind my songs! Don’t forget, if you want to listen to the full album, you can stream it for free on my website here or on Spotify here.