Origin Story is officially released!!

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 - General, News, Songs

I’m so excited!! Today is the day!! My biggest release to date is out for the entire world to listen to 😀 Presenting *much fanfare* ORIGIN STORY!!

Origin Story Cover Art

You can stream the album in full:
on my website
on Spotify (add me to your playlists!!)
on Apple Music

You can buy the album as a digital download:
on my website
on iTunes (please leave a nice review!)
on Google Play (please leave a nice review!)
on Amazon (please leave a nice review!)
on BandCamp (please leave a nice review!)

And you can buy the album as a physical copy or in packs:
on my website

Aaaaaaaaa!! So excited!! If you don’t know where to click or where to go because you’re overcome with excitement too, start here and listen to the full CD (over an hour long!), then grab a copy if you dig it!