Origin Story back cover and song list

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 - General, News

Yesterday I announced that Origin Story is a new CD that I’ve been working on for quite a long time (six years in the making) and it’s going to be released on the 19th of July. Today, I’m revealing the back cover and complete song list, take a look below!

Origin Story Back Cover Art

As I mentioned in my previous announcement, the CD is split into two parts.

Mega EP

The Mega EP is the first half of the CD and contains newer material. It’s designed to work both in the full Origin Story collection and alone as a stand-alone mega-sized EP.

Specifically, the first five songs are completely new and are actually the songs that have been most requested from me at concerts. From I XOX U (Emoji Song) down, those songs are re-mastered (and sometimes cleaned up) singles that had previously been soft released on my website and YouTube.

All of the Mega EP songs were worked on in collaboration with Gyula Gyorffy, my producer who’s based in Hungary. The order has been changed from chronological release order to create a journey I think makes most sense.

The brighter, newest songs, from Pizza And Ice Cream and Beat The Game are at the start, the more emotional songs are in the middle, like I XOX U (Emoji Song), Comment Me and Not Gonna Be Me, and then there are more upbeat songs at the very end including the Lego-themed Block By Block and cupcake-making anthem The Best Bit.

In many ways I view the Mega EP as a sequel to the Super EP that I first released on the 20th of September in 2014. It’s the first CD-worth of new songs I’ve released that hasn’t been bound together by a single concept (like the Doctor Who themed Pop Goes The TARDIS or the 90s themed Retro Sherbet) since that EP.

Origin Mix

The Origin Mix is the second half of the CD and contains a complete journey through my earlier material, right up to the last album I released, Retro Sherbet. The release dates and various collections the songs came from are listed below:

From Retro Sherbet (2016)
Block Breaker

From Pop Goes The TARDIS (2015)
She’s Blue (‘I’m Blue’ Parody)
Baby, Get Me A TARDIS

From Super EP Singles (2014)
My Superman (Radio Edit)
Friday Viral (Radio Edit)
Nothing’s In Your Way (Radio Edit)

From Wandering Mini-P (2013)
Dam Good Friend
Share My Time

First single ever released (2012)
Apple Tree

Technically, the Super EP Singles and Apple Tree had never been released on physical CD before, so Origin Story has its own firsts as well.

I decided to go chronologically backwards in time as opposed to forwards as it made most sense in regards to its place in the full Origin Story collection. If I’m starting with songs from 2017, it then seems logical for me to count backwards to 2012. I went as far as putting Dam Good Friend in front of Share My Time as Share My Time was released as a ‘remastered single’ on the Wandering Mini-P rather than a completely new track.

How did I decide on the songs? I’d love to say that I picked them all on my own as my favourite tracks, but I genuinely don’t think that would be the fair thing to do. The songs I liked the most may have come into consideration, but, I have a lot of statistics that I can look through to see which songs were most listened to and wanted to include the ones I think you’d most enjoy.

For the Super EP, it made sense for me to use the radio edit versions as opposed to the full versions as the Super EP was designed to flow from song to song with dramatic (often satirical or playful) interludes peppered throughout, the like of which don’t feature in any of the other Origin Mix songs.

So, there it is! The full track list and the reasoning behind the way the CD was structured. Rest assured, I put as much work as I could into making this the best collection it could be!!