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Grimm Tales Competition Winner

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 - General

To celebrate the release of my Grimm Brothers themed EP, Grimm Tales, I ran a competition on my website and… It’s time to announce the winner!!

Grimm Tales Competition Prizes

The prizes include three of my CDs that I customised for the competition, five postcards, six badges and four Meri Amber stickers. Lots of goodies 😛

So, who won the prize?

Drum roll…

Oh the tension!

Who could it be?

It’s, it’s…

Kitty!! I loved her entry:

“Dance Til’ You’re Dead. I found Meri on Twitch during a very upsetting weekend and her stream was pretty much the only thing that made me smile. I love the whole EP, but I really loved Dance Til’ You’re Dead. Aside from it being the first song off the EP that I heard, I love songs that are “deceiving”, if you will–upbeat and cheerful sounding, but the lyrics are actually really sad and/or dark. And the poem at the end. I love the poem, but something about “I become less important with every fatal imperfection” reaches in and grabs me by the self-loathing.”

Kitty, I’ll be getting in touch with you super soon about your prizes 😉

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!! There’ll be a new competition soon enough, so keep a look out on my website and social media sites. Here are a few other entries I really liked too 😀

“Saved by Murder, because it’s such a deliciously dark lyric, and a great song.” – Alex

“Dance Til You’re Dead because it’s just so energy packed for such a wonderfully morbid end result (you know, the death thing).” – Trainboy

“Bloody Heels – I think the final spoken line of “what’s the right shade of grey?” is quite profound.” – Chris

“Saved by Murder; I enjoy the feel of the music and can get lost in the atmosphere created by the backing and lyrics.” – Jesse

Also, while waiting about for another competition… Why not listen to Grimm Tales? 😉

Dinner Or Death Music Video Teaser

Monday, November 6th, 2017 - General, Songs

The final official music video for Grimm Tales is going to be coming out this Wednesday… And it’s the video for Dinner Or Death! If you want to hear the song, hit play below.

The best way to be one of the first people to find out when the video goes up is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn notifications on. In the meanwhile, here’s some teaser video stills to get you excited 😉

Dinner Or Death Video Still 1

Dinner Or Death Video Still 2

Dinner Or Death Video Still 3

Dinner Or Death Video Still 4

Dinner Or Death Video Still 5