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The Back To Us Music Video is released!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 - General, Videos

The official music video for ‘Back To Us’ was released exclusively on The 8 App yesterday. Today it’s up on my YouTube channel in 4K resolution as well! Take a looky.

I wrote the song, recorded and produced it, then enlisted the expertise of Crash Symphony Productions to fine tune the mixing of the track to make it as good as possible. The video was filmed and put together by La Feine, directed by Landon Maxwell. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the clip came out! The whole project was inspired and supported by The 8 App.

If you like the video, definitely share it around!

You can see more of what I do on The 8 App (spoilers- I’m going to be doing lots of giveaways on there in the coming month 😉 ) by creating an account and following my 8 App profile 😀

Back To Us Music Video Teaser

Monday, December 5th, 2016 - General

My next official music video is coming out this Wednesday and it’s for my uplifting, 8 App inspired number ‘Back To Us’! If you haven’t heard the track yet, or want a refresher, take a listen by clicking play below.

The video was put together by the amazing team La Feine and directed by Landon Maxwell. I can’t get over how rich it is with cool visuals and visual effects!

If you sign up to my Mailing List or create an account and follow me on The 8 App, you’ll be able to watch the video in full tomorrow before anyone else. It’s a VIP pass for the coolest of the cool folks 😉

Otherwise, keep an eye on my YouTube channel to see it on Wednesday.

For now, here’s some teaser pics.

Back To Us Video Still 1

Back To Us Video Still 2

Back To Us Video Still 3

Back To Us Video Still 4

Back To Us Video Still 5

Back To Us Video Still 6

Back To Us Video Still 7

Back To Us Video Still 8

Back To Us Video Still 9

As you can probably tell from the teasers, this is a really fun video and it features quite a bit of dress-ups 😛 Can’t wait to show you the whole thing!

It’s that time of year where… Everything is Christmas! Naturally, I’ve decided to launch my Meri Christmas period early with a song about how Christmas seems to always proliferate the universe, well, early.

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