Thank you to some brillulous people

Thursday, December 29th, 2016 - General

It’s come to the end of the year and I’ve seen quite a few posts of reflection around, which is a good thing.

I thought I’d join in and throw light on some brillulous people who’ve supported what I do recently and pasted a smile onto my face that lasted the whole day long!

Thankful Thursday - 1 EGH Radio and The 8 App

First of all, this picture has two amazing groups in it. EGH Radio has been spinning my stuff and introducing it to more ears which is awesome! The 8 App have also been 100% behind me and pushing my music video for Back To Us 😀

Thankful Thursday - 2 Monkey Queen Books

Thankful Thursday - 2 Monkey Queen Books Video Feature

Monkey Queen Books, aka Robert Dahlen, put together an absolute boss list of his favourite songs for the year (which you should check out) and I came in at number two with my song ‘What We Were’! Gotta work real hard to get to that number one spot next year 😉

Thankful Thursday - 3 Croydon Radio

Croydon Radio has continued playing my music and I feel honoured! They’ve taken on new tracks and are showing them to people on the other side of the world in the mysterious land of England.

Thankful Thursday - 4 Fandomania

Thankful Thursday - 4 Fandomania Video Feature

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, I’m part of Fandomania’s Christmas Songs list for this year. There are some really cool artists on that list (which you should check out) and I’m stoked to be among them, thank you to Chad Walker 😀

To everyone that’s taken the time this year to listen to my work, share it and support it, it really means the absolute world to me. I hermit around in my studio trying to create the absolute best music I can, then wrestle with Adobe products to make an entertaining video for it. It’s hard to know how it’s actually going but when I see that people are connecting with it- there’s no better feeling.