Blog - 2015

On my Birthday a number of wonderful things happened. I was spoilt with a lunchtime feast, I devoured generous servings of cheesecake both after lunch and after dinner, I went meandering around the shops to do Birthday shopping (only to find I bought nothing!) and I hopped on Skype to chat with the team from the Break The Business podcast.

You can now listen to the whole podcast right here:

My part comes in around the 20 minute mark. I spoke quite a bit about Doctor Who, pop culture, touring and about creating virtual reality music videos. I also attempted an American accent (and failed quite terribly).

If you’re an independent musician and haven’t yet discovered Break The Business, check them out! Not only do they have a podcast but a blog too with information that is incredibly valuable for us indie musos!

Two Hearts lyric video teaser pics

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 - General

Tomorrow the lyric video for ‘Two Hearts’ from my Doctor Who album ‘Pop Goes The TARDIS‘ is going to be popping up on my YouTube channel! If you haven’t heard the song yet, you can right here:

As you can probably tell, the track was inspired by the Doctor’s insatiable desire to help people no matter how much trouble it gets him into. After all, being an alien with two hearts must have it’s side effects 😛

Although the video is coming out tomorrow, I thought it’s only fair that I give you a few video stills as an entrée today:

Two Hearts Video Still 1

Two Hearts Video Still 2

Two Hearts Video Still 3

Two Hearts Video Still 4

Make sure you’re watching my YouTube channel (or even better, subscribe so you can get notified!) because the full flick will be up in no time. Also, don’t forget you can listen to the whole album on my site absolutely free and if you dig it you can grab a copy of the song or the full album on here too!

‘Tis the season to be doomful, so I thought it’s only fitting that I release the Invader Zim Christmas Song to wish everyone a very Meri X-Mas in the lead up to this fantabulous, food-and-present-filled celebration!

I’m going to be releasing my other Meri Christmas song for this year next week (the one you see a preview for at the end of the Invader Zim Christmas Song video). Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’re one of the first to see it when it goes up!