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For Christmas this year I thought I’d put together a couple of twisted Christmas songs… This is the second half of them! (You can watch the first half, the Invader Zim Xmas Song, here).

It’s a cover of my favourite Christmas carol of all time, Tripod‘s ‘Fabian’.

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Also, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I was blown away when I found out I had an opportunity to perform at Supanova in Adelaide and Brisbane- Supanova was the first ever comic convention that I attended and now I was going to be a part of the festivities!

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Safety Vest Chic

Arriving early was it’s own adventure. Setting up the table was a creative hurricane- somewhat akin to setting up a place prior to a party. Doing the sound-check on stage was also pretty fun, dressed in my fashionable safety vest, hearing my voice booming through the empty hall.

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Program

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that not only did I have a slot performing in the opening ceremony and sitting at a table for the rest of the show… I was posted about on the Supanova Facebook page and appeared in the Supanova program twice!!

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Rambles

The absolute highlight, as you’d expect, was performing. There’s nothing like the buzz of singing my crazy songs to a room full of people that really get it 😛

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Hawkgirl

The rest of both shows was largely spent mingling with heroes, villains, anime stars and various other colourful, excited attendees.

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Meri Table

My table was home. The place I hid my candy and came back to after extended meanderings.

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Doom Lord

But, it was impossible not to feed my curiosity and explore the conventions every day, at least for a little time.

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Glowing

Both the audiences in Adelaide and Brisbane were superb. I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd, singing along and getting into the tunes and the whole vibe.

Supanova Adelaide And Brisbane - Superhero

Thank you to all the incredible people that stopped by and chatted with me at both of the events. I knew very few people at both events at the start and was spending time after both cons hanging out with new friends after only a few days.

The Two Hearts lyric video is released

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 - General, Videos

Two Hearts is a number I am rather proud of from Pop Goes The TARDIS. It now has it’s very own lyric video that you can watch right here:

Especially if you were a fan of (or were particularly frustrated by) the Waters Of Mars episode of Doctor Who, there are a number of inside references in the song (including in the backing vocals) just for you. That one episode got me thinking and discussing things for quite some time 😛

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