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Meri Amber on a Google+ Open Mic Hangout

This morning I hopped online to perform in an online Open Mic concert that featured a huge variety of artists. There was everything from an instrumental rock guitarist, to an indie-rock group, to a country style artist, to, well me, with geek pop.

Performers included: Ars Nova, Doug Jackson, Gavin Wolfe, Jason West Jones, C Bret Campbell and me. The show was also hosted by Christine DeGraff, Gavin Wolfe and Aaron Young.

The picture above was snapped by me so you can see what it looks like behind the virtual scenes. The picture below was snapped by Jason West Jones while I was in action. Thank you to everyone that watched in! If you missed it you can watch it back by clickying here.

Meri Amber performing on a Google+ Open Mic hangout

Meri Amber Freecon Poster

This Friday I’m going to be appearing at the opening night of the Sydney Freecon. I’ll be on at 8pm performing and then at 8:30pm I’m going to be heading a panel all about Sci-Fi in music.

I previously posted a playlist of Sci-Fi music which is a great place to start getting pumped about it. I sure am chomping at the bit and would love to see you there to chew the topic over with me!

Sci-Fi Themed Music Playlist

Monday, December 1st, 2014 - General, Playlists

This week for my playlist I had a very decisive theme- Science Fiction! I thought it would be the perfect thing to put together in celebration of my first ever panel at a Sci-Fi Con, a milestone event happening this Friday (FreeCon at Earlwood- check it out!).

If you like Spotify click here for the list, if you prefer Rdio click here.

The playlist starts off with an actual Sci-Fi film theme, then moves to how themes have been adapted using more and more experimental styles.

The next section (starting with Leslie Fish’s song ‘The Sun Is Also A Warrior’) takes us through the evolution of Filk music from it’s original purely folk based style to it’s more widespread use as a general term for music written on Science Fiction Themes.

Then there is then a short section highlighting parody songs that use Sci-Fi as their main calling card for parodying (starting with Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Yoda’).

The last part of the playlist is showing how Science Fiction has seeped it’s way into the narrative of popular culture music (starting with David Bowie’s ‘Starman’).

If you want an in depth discussion about it all, make sure you come along this Friday! I can’t wait to chew over this fascinating musical evolution. Also, don’t forget to follow my account on Spotify or Rdio, DoomLordOfDoom, for more geeky music playlists too 😉