Blog - 2013

Next week on Thursday my performance and interview on Artists In The Plus‘s show In The Plus is going to find its way onto the internet.

I recorded it last night and had tonnes of fun doing it, it’s a completely different style of hangout to what you may have previously watched me do so it’s definitely worth watching, whether it’s the first time you watch an online concert or whether you’re a virtual concert-going veteran.

You’re Only Perfect Music Video

Friday, December 13th, 2013 - General, Videos

It’s up it’s up it’s up! The music video to the second song on my Wandering Mini-P, that’s “You’re Only Perfect” is up! Something particularly special about this video is that I’m putting it up on my birthday- a great day for music video posting I think.

The video was all filmed at a play ground (which was tonnes of fun) and was a great excuse for me to act a fraction of my age. It’s a love story between me and Teddy, the stunningly charming teddy bear. As with every relationship, I’m taking my notes at the start, seeing how well he’s doing against my check list of things I look for in a partner.