Blog - 2013

I thought it’s more than time that I finally shine the spotlight on some of these fabulous album cover creations that Thomas Theo made for my songs. The first five are for the songs on my Wandering Mini-P, the next few are songs that I did on my YouTube channel and Evil is a song I wrote for the folk campaigning at Sydney Uni to write the student paper Honi Soit.

Thomas Theo has been such an incredibly supportive, inspiring person from right at the beginning when he first discovered my tunes and supports not only me but many other independent artists too. Basically- Thomas Theo you rock! Thank you so much for being the wonderful person you are.

P.S. You can also spec out Thomas Theo’s first and second album series too if you like what you see here;)

Poem dedicated to a dedicated nut cracker

Monday, December 16th, 2013 - General

This little nutcracker that I found on Google+ is thinking very hard about someone while cracking this nut. It made me think… Perhaps sometimes the blame we place on others is a tad irrational. Here’s a rhyme I weaved about it.

It’s always your fault
I swear it is
I haven’t checked much
But I’m sure of it

My burnt breakfast eggs,
The grey, grumpy clouds,
The way the neighbour’s cat
Looks angry at me now

How very rude
And how very mean
You with your fault
Have been to me

Recording with John Vella

Monday, December 16th, 2013 - General, Studio

Today I did a bit of fun recording with John Vella, a John I funnily enough met through another John! Clearly all Johns are cool people. There was a really great buzz in the studio, an excitement for what could come of the song and experimenting with different layers, that’s got to be the best way to record!