The lyrics to Love$Accy

Monday, September 16th, 2013 - General

Slowly but eventually over the last seven weeks I have been releasing the Love$Accy series, including the lyrics. This here is the full collection of lyrics and tunes as they’ve all been released now!

The first song in the series is KPMG Audit Team, an epic love song between an accounting student and a mega accounting firm.

KPMG Audit Team

The second tune is Smooth Calculator, a love song dedication to the guy in the office that gets all the girls from his smooth, calculating, moves.

Smooth Calculator

The third song is Mark to Market, a bit of a protest song a bit of a rap, all about the unethically abused technique of Mark to Market accounting.

Mark to Market

The fourth track is Forensic Is Intense, a truly intense ode to Forensic Accountants.

Forensic Is Intense

The fifth song is End of Financial Year, a celebratory dance number for tax accountants to get down to at the end of the financial year.

End of Financial Year

The sixth tune is IB Dead People, a theatrical zombie apocalypse song about Investment Bankers emerging from their offices.

IB Dead People

The seventh and final number is Redundant, a song that is literally for the redundant.


If you buy the album online from Bandcamp, as well as the album itself you’ll grab yourself all this ablum art too in a neat panelled design.