Wandering Mini-P Sampler

Thursday, August 29th, 2013 - General, News, Songs

Following on from the article that made the front cover of the Parramatta Advertiser, I think its about time I give you a taste of what is about to come with the Wandering Mini-P! This is a sampler which gives you a tiny taste of each of the 5 new songs that compose the Mini-P including “Wander Alone”, “You’re Only Perfect”, “Watching You Breathe”, “Mum’s Song”, “Dam Good Friend”.

There’s going to be another 5 songs on the Wandering MP CD itself which are re-mastered singles that I’ve previously released including “From Me To You“, “Share My Time“, “The Loveliest Guy I Know“, “Overtime” and “Campfire Song“. The official release date for it all is the 20th of September, the same day I’m throwing my launch concert to celebrate the release and a year of Meri Amber.