Love$Accy the Album

Monday, August 5th, 2013 - General, News, Songs

To all those doubters out there. Who hear the word “accountant” and cringe. Who think its nothing but a mind-numbing job that people do, counting beans and drawing up endless spreadsheets. I’ve got something to show you. A response to your foolish preconceptions… In song!

I’ve written a mini-album of songs all based on accounting and finance. For anyone out there who works in the profession, knows someone in the profession, or just likes the idea of moneybags, this should be a bit of fun. For a mini-album, it was actually a rather big project. The album, you can listen to completely here or buy for $7.

All the songs in the album and the themes they cover are the basis of a series of videos that I shall be posting up over the weeks. This is the funnest part of the project and involved tonnes of really cool people (often in great costumes). Definitely watch my YouTube channel so you don’t miss the videos as they come up.

It is also the springboard for a silly #unoccupy “movement” that I’ve created where I came up with a whole lot of one liners about people in the financial profession. Keep your eye on my Twitter feed to see that.