Blog - 2012

Painting out piano parts in the studio

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 - General, Studio

Today I stopped off at King Sound Studios to work with audio engineer and pianist Joe O’Brien on mapping out the piano part to one of my upcoming songs. I brought along my ideas and Joe had already played in some of his. I liked much of what he’d done over the song but had a few ideas to insert and demanded complete control over the solo instrumental section where I punched in the full part. Overall it was a jam session with mics and ended with some rather good results.

Visiting the SOHO art gallery

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 - General

It has been much too long since I posted a blog about roaming through an art gallery. After stumbling upon SOHO Gallery in Kings Cross I can’t resist any longer. This little independent gallery is choc-a-block full of inspiring creations by some absolutely incredible artists.

In particular, though the list is by no means extensive, it is definitely worth specking out the art and creations of Graeme Balchin, James Willebrant, Alison Coulthurst, Luke Wagner and Elizabeth Gray. They produced some of my favourite experiences when I walked through on my visit.

This morning I did a music festival performance to a worldwide audience on the Artists In The Plus Music Festival hangout show. It was a grand experience and I made the best of it. I tried to keep it interesting visually and gave a bit of depth to the songs I was sharing by telling the story behind it. In the end, it was plenty of fun amongst great company. You can now spec it out on youtube if you’d like, otherwise I’ve saved you the snaps you see above.