Today I performed on The Billy Wilson Show, the same show that I made my first Google+ hangout performance debut. I was absolutely stoked to be invited back by show host and community leader Billy Wilson and especially excited because it was a science special. This means that the guests on the show was science geniuses and I picked out science themed songs to perform.

In particular the guests included: an extremely clued in astronomer, Scott Lewis, who seemed to know everything and anything about what’s going on in the science world. Quirky psychologist David Brodbeck who can read animals’ minds. Molecular biologist Buddhini Samarasinghe who knows a huge amount about very tiny molecules. Chad Haney who sees through people… Using MRIs and Jordan Oram, a huge personality and photographer who kept the mood light and fun throughout. Billy Wilson’s celebrity cat, Tibby, also made an appearance (but he was a tad moody at the time).

The show is now online so you can speck it if you so desire. I’d especially recommend it for anyone with a science bent.