I released my first casual music video in a long time on my YouTube channel and it’s an a cappella cover of the TMBG song ‘When Will You Die?’, featuring death choir. Check it out!

This is the first of what I’m hoping to be a regular series of videos that come out every week on Mondays [I know, I know, it came out on a Tuesday, so I’m already behind schedule… But I’m trying to work out a balance!!]

I’d love for you to subscribe to my channel to see upcoming Music Monday videos and support my channel’s revival! If I manage to find a way to make it a regular habit, I may also add more casual music videos throughout the week [wild ambitions!!].

I’ve had the best time sharing my Westworld inspired EP, Violent Delights with you! It’s an EP I’m super proud of and one that explored a completely different musical direction for me. If you haven’t checked it out yet… Hit play below to listen to the whole thing…

Or, if you prefer music videos, you can watch the full EP as a set of music videos right here!

To accompany the release of the EP, I ran a special Violent Delights competition on my website. I asked people to answer the question “Would you take the black or white cowboy hat and why?”

In Westworld, when people first enter the park they choose to wear either a black or white hat and this symbolises whether they want to play a “bad guy” or “good guy” character in the park. It was the inspiration behind the second song on the EP ‘Black Cowboy Hat’.

In the show, it was implied that humans would always fall to their baser instincts and although they may want to think of themselves as good guys, in the end, as a whole, humanity would take the black cowboy hat.

So, what did people choose in the competition? And, perhaps more importantly… Who won?

Flesh Or Wires Music Video Still 2

Well, in the end, 58% of people who answered the question chose the black cowboy hat, so perhaps Westworld does ring some truth in the message. Though, I’m not sure it was quite for the reasons the show suggested πŸ˜›

One person chose a grey cowboy hat which I found particularly curious. They wrote:

“Gray Cowboy Hat. The Color between Black and White. it’s like Black and White Hacker Hat. so logically. if you somewhere between its Gray Hat..” – Mark

Although that does technically disqualify them from the prize, It is certainly interesting! Especially since, in most ways, I think the actual show proves that there really isn’t “black hat” or “white hat” characters, everyone’s got a little bit of the other colour and everyone is a little “grey”.

Black Cowboy Hat Video Still 3

So who’s the winner?

*drum roll*










The winner is… Tony Green!!

I loved his response:

“You take the white, you can always make it black. You take the black, you can’t make it white.” – Tony

There’s a certain undertone of deeper, more meaningful melancholy to it if you look at it as referring to being “white hat” in character or “black hat” in character. Though, there’s every chance he’s just literally referring to the colour πŸ˜›

Congratulations Tony!!

If you missed out, definitely keep an eye out on my website and social media profiles as there’ll be more competitions coming soon πŸ˜‰

Gods Video Still 4

There were so many good entries! Here are some others that I really enjoyed:

“Black because I prefer the dark side of the force.” – Queen Felicia

“Black because white is a bastard to clean and takes time away from geekdom” – Ross

“I would wear a white cowboy hat because it represents hero, as opposed to the black cowboy hat. John Wayne is a great example of being the hero in this scenario. Plus if I were to chose be a hero or villain in a fictional world, my white cowboy hat goes off to being a hero. White cowboy hat for the win ;)” – Georgie

“Black. Never trust me with anything white, it’ll always end up as dirty as a pig in mud” – Georgia

Thank you to everyone who entered! You made it really hard to pick a winner!!