Crumbs and Glue Heart- Maria Randolph

Monday, January 14th, 2013 - General

“Crumbs and Glue” started as a simple song I played on guitar and sung in my bedroom. Since then it has been recorded and is now a nice big production number that I’m extremely proud of (one you can get a copy of and listen to entirely for free by signing up to my mailing list). I decided the song needed an equally hearty video and went about collecting artwork hearts from talented artists I found across the internet.

Google+ has proven to be an extremely useful network for spotting great artists to partake. The “Communities” feature has been a great way for me to discover some really talented people in the “Art” community. Maria Randolph’s work first stood out to me because of its warm, enveloping colours. Her style has warmth, passion and a brilliant appreciation of the magical aesthetic qualities of everyday life. I adore the textures that she explores in the creation of her works and the freedom she displays in her sweeping brushstrokes and soft blended tints.

I see in the art that Maria Randolph submitted this same deep glow and the same amiable pull, but a different message to her other works. The sunflower (coincidentally my favourite type of flower) hangs low and stares down to the darkening funnel of the heart, with it’s tired petals almost being sucked into the rigid dark crack that crawls up the rear of the heart. The flower itself still looks sweet, soft and naïve watching its home crumble to pieces, giving the piece an almost haunting innocence that really hits home when understood in the context of the lyric. I adore how the artwork really manages to portray the story subtly using its own metaphors and imagery.

You can see more of Maria’s work and be drawn further into her world by looking up her website and blog, I’ve spent a very enjoyable time going through her galleries and couldn’t recommend it enough. Also, if you’re enjoying looking at heart creations and discovering new artists as much as I am, you can spec out some of the previous works and artists as well, including Nick Darastean, Jennifer R. Cook, Ben Pushka Gib and MonYSa.